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Writing Resources

Need some resources to help you with your writing assignments?

- Create your own Wordles ("word clouds" or "word splashes" that you can use for brainstorming and more!) - http://www.wordle.net/

- Need an organizer to begin your brainstorming and prewriting? Try a graphic organizer from this site - http://www.eduplace.com/graphicorganizer/ (try the cluster/word web, story map, or sequence chart)




Try this fun, interactive story prompt generator tool from Scholastic: http://tiny.cc/vgZp5 


Fun Writing Exercises!

 Write a 300-500 story about an important moment or event in your life.

   Write a 300-word description of your bedroom. Include important details that convey the setting and mood of your room.

Write a fictional interview with yourself, a friend, a famous figure or a fictional character.

     Write a summary of an interesting newspaper article.

   Write a review for a book you recently read.

   Keep a diary of a fictional character. Try to write entries from the character's point of view.

  Try to identify your earliest childhood memory. Write down everything you can remember about it. Rewrite it as a scene. You may choose to do this from your current perspective or from the perspective you had at that age.

Write a 300-word description of a place. Use sensory details to give a clear description of the place and help paint a vivid picture.

Write a letter to an author you enjoy reading.

You are to create your own zoo. Choose where you would like the zoo to be located. The only guideline for creating this zoo is that you may only choose 15 kinds of animals to be in the zoo. What animals would you choose, and why would you choose them? Describe each of your animals and your zoo using vivid adjectives and details.

 An alien has landed on the earth and you have been selected to be their tour guide. What ten places or things would you choose to show them? You should try hard to cover as much of the world as you can. Would you show them monuments, historical sites, wonders of the world, natural wonders, cities, etc.?

You now have the opportunity to travel through time. What ten things from history would you like to see with your own eyes? Would you visit the dinosaurs or would you watch the pyramids being built? Think about it and describe your choices.

Write a poem about a story we have read in class or describing a main character from one of the stories we have read in class. Try to write at least 5 stanzas.

Write an email to a character from a book or short story offering them advice about a problem or conflict they may have.

Write a song about a topic of your choice.

Write your own original legend or myth.

Write your own original fairy tale, fable, or folk tale.